First Impressions: F.E.A.R. 2 Demo


I sat down with both the PC and Xbox 360 version of the demo.  I had always been interested in F.E.A.R since the original but could never actually play it due to my PC at the time not being able to man up and play the game at a respectable framerate.  So here I am over 3 years after the original came out being drawn into playing the sequel and wondering… Will I get what this game is about?

To be honest, no.  The demo assumes you know a bit of the backstory from the original game but at least tells you who Alma is.  It does not however let you know who YOU are or the reason why you are where you’re at.  It’s apparent from the get go that whoever pieced together this demo wants the gameplay to sell F.E.A.R. to you, not the story.  Now the question becomes, is it different enough from all the other FPS’ out there for me to drop the money on?

My simple answer is yes.  There is enough different in this game from the single player demo to warrant a purchase with one exception.  I absolutely could not wrap my head around the mech part of the demo.  It went from being a satisfying strategic corridor shooter to a crappy dumbed down version of a Mech Warrior game.  It just felt like it ruined the whole immersion of being in this crazy horror FPS just so it could let you blow people up in your Aliens Mech.  If the game sticks with what it’s known for and good at,  I can see it being a definite buy.

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