PNG Daily: 2/3/09

According to Joystiq, Ubisoft will be releasing the Prince of Persia DLC entitled “Epilogue” for consoles on 2/26/09.  PC users are out of luck  as they are citing “business reasons” as to why you’re not getting it.  One could theorize that the obvious reason is that they can’t figure out how to make you pay for it like Xbox and Playstation users.   I have few issues with this if it is the case.  

Services exist that Ubisoft could have used if they really wanted to charge for extra content on PC.  EA did it with their micro expansion packs for Battlefield 2 through their own service and Fallout 3 has done it recently through Game for Windows Live.  The questions is, why can’t a large developer/publisher like Ubisoft get it right for PC gamers?  Why not use Steam since your game is already on there?

I always scoffed whenever I read a story of some doomsayer predicting the fall of PC gaming or it already being dead, but when a big publisher gimps a games expansion capability based on whether or not they can charge for it, I can see DLC making a huge impact on whether people will buy the PC or console version of a game.

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