PNG Daily 2/23/09: Bowie Tells us What’s Up


Roughly one month into the creation of this blog and I believe we’re getting into what one would call a flow.  This week might unveil Jim Bradford’s opinion on achievements and Logan Person’s second first impressions.  I will most likely vent a little bit about Game for Windows -Live and have a review on the single player campaign of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II for PC.  We welcome Kyle Boddy into the fold as our resident Magic: The Gathering expert in addition to Josh Sabol who should have an article about the arms race between game masters and player characters on the table tops of war. 

There might be two Audiophile’s this week.  One should be in the format that was put out this weekend, and the other hopefully a playthrough and review of Arkam Horror. 

The biggest news today is of course that PNG’s 2009 Game of the Year comes out this week.  Whure muh skull?

Outtie 5k.

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