The Soap Box: PNG vs. Jessica Abramovich… FIGHT!

It's made of people.

It's made of people.

I read through every comment that gets put on this site by visitors.  I mean, we’re so new I really have nothing else to do besides scour for news and stroke my own ego over page views.  It was stumbling upon a rather long comment under our last Audiophile post that I came up with an idea, and that was to let you guys tell us what’s up and call us out in the big lights.  One such commenter, Jessica Abramovich, did not like what some of us thought about Street Fighter IV and sounded off about it.  Hit the jump to read the full comment.

” That was very entertaining btw. I just had one issue with your podcast. You guys said that you were a little disappointed that SFIV didn’t change enough from the other street fighters. But, I’m guessing that none of you played it enough to realize what they did change.

First of all, they added ultra combos, which at first may just seem like glorified super combos that you’ve seen one thousand times before. But, the difference is that it charges as you get hit, so if you’re playing some cheap Ryu online, throwing dragons punches and hadoukens like crazy, then you can hit him with an ultra combo that will take away equal damage that he dealt to you.

Also, they added the focus attacks which will stop any attack thrown at you, while allowing you to throw your own attack at the opponent. The focus attacks can also break any block when charged enough, so it’s a good way to beat up people online who like to turtle the whole time. It takes awhile to really understand when and how to execute the focus attacks but when you get it, the gameplay seems much deeper.

And if that wasn’t enough they added the EX attacks, which drain your super charge meter. It gives you the choice of saving it up for a super combo, or using it slightly over time with the EX attacks. The EX attacks are really just your everyday unique attack, but with extra power and speed. So, Ryu’s hurricane kick, when executed as an EX attack, is much much faster and deals a ton more damage. All you do to perform this move is do the normal motion of the stick and press the button you assigned as the lk+mk+hk. Each EX attack drains one section of the super meter which is charged by attack your enemy. All three of these new features make Street Fighter a completely different experience, much deeper than the Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix I’ve been playing of late, or any Street Fighter for that matter. However, the one thing that never changes is that the jerk you’re playing with will ALWAYS choose Ken or Ryu.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I had to defend my sweet, sweet Street Fighter. It’s Indestructible.”

4 responses to “The Soap Box: PNG vs. Jessica Abramovich… FIGHT!

  1. Way to spell her name wrong in the article post. Don’t worry – I fixed it, you hack!

  2. Jessica Abramovich

    Comon Jaymez, is my name so hard to spell?

    Thanks Jim btw 😀

  3. Nice to see we have a girl on this site who talks about more than shoes…. cough Laura cough

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