PNG Daily 2/24/09: I Found It!


There muh skull!

The day has come and Mr. Cent has been grabbing some headlines.   Joystiq has a bit of coverage ranging from threats over a conference call to an actual reviewJoystiq and Kotaku are also reporting he wants to make a movie out of Saints Row.  Is there anything this man can’t do?

Much to my dismay, I should probably post some other items that don’t involve Fiddy.  Left 4 Dead got patched on the 360 that should bring it up to snuff with the PC version in terms of balance.  You can find the respective posts here and here.  But that’s not the best news for Left 4 Dead fans by a long shot.  It turns out that the game got it’s own little parody care of the adult film industry.  Zoey apparently gets her swerve on with some undead hotness.  You get diseases that way.  And shame.

And finally, Fantasy Flight Games released their convention schedule for this year and it appears that they won’t be partying it up at Origins this year.

Outtie 5k.

2 responses to “PNG Daily 2/24/09: I Found It!

  1. Please tell me Francis finally got a piece. That man deserves to hit up Zoey after all that zomb killin.

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