The 30 Most Obnoxious VG Stock Photos

Where the fuck are your priorities man?!

Where the **** are your priorities man?!

So I ran across this thanks to the folks at and they posted a set of 30 pictures “apparently” used for marketing purposes.  I almost can’t say I believe any of this, especially in 2009 when two guys are holding a Super NES controller in their hands; However, the pictures are great, and the captions are even better… Now I must get back to my discothequing.


2 responses to “The 30 Most Obnoxious VG Stock Photos

  1. Go into a Best Buy and hopefully they will still be carrying the outrageously overpriced BoomChair VX2 Gamer Chair. On the monstrosity of the box this hulking beast comes in is a family sitting around playing games, collective asses all implanted in these damn seats. Problem is two of them have an Xbox controller, while the dad is holding an N64 controller…. backwards.

  2. What you don’t see is that he’s using the camera for his 360 and this is actually a screen grab of one of those “Wazzup” commercials. Put your damn tongue in your mouth!

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