Do You Capcom Take Thee Microsoft?

The first red game console since... uhhh......

The first red game console since... uhhh......

Hot on the heels of my 2/22 podcast bashing all things Microsoft and Capcom comes news of an unholy union between the two. Today Larry Hyrb (aka XBOX Live’s Major Nelson) unveiled the newest addition to the 360 console family, a Resident Evil 5 version of the 120GB Elite Unit.

The system will come in red and come bundled with all the standard components of the elite: a wireless controller, 120 GB hard drive, wired headset and component, HDMI and Ethernet cables. In addition, this new red version will also come with a copy of Resident Evil 5, a Resident Evil theme and a free voucher to download (pause for breath) Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

All in all a good deal for the literally tens of Resident Evil fans who don’t yet own a 360 considering the system carries the same $399 price tag as the standard elite minus all the Capcom goodies. More likely though, this is a great deal for the tens of thousands of gamers with broken 360’s that need a replacement. Those fortunate souls can trade in RE5 towards a game that is actually good.

So this begs the question: why a red 360 for this “extremely limited” console that coincides with RE5’s March 13th release? Neither Microsoft or Capcom would say. It can be assumed however, that red was chosen so that the ominous three red rings adorning the system’s faceplate would blend nicely into the background.


8 responses to “Do You Capcom Take Thee Microsoft?

  1. That’s a big picture. What’s the story about again? Is there even any text in your story. That’s a really big picture.

  2. uhhh yeah, definitely forgot to change the size of the photo and it didn’t help that wordpress is crashing f-ing constantly.

    thanks for your help on this sir.

  3. my virtual boy is red

  4. Anything that runs on batteries, let alone 6 batteries, is not a console. And I refuse to believe you have one.

  5. I’ll see you at the podcast… I’ll be the one with the huge red visor glued to my face.

  6. Apparently this means that Capcom is a dirty adulterous whore because they did it with Sega back in it’s Dreamcast days. Interestingly enough, it was also for a Resident Evil game.

  7. I saw Capcom all tarted up at the Oscars. Did you see that dress she was wearing…. paaaaalease.

  8. i would buy one. the blood red is pretty baller. i would keep re5 though. i would eventually get to play it.

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