That’s How I Roll


So I was surfing the intwerbs when I came across what might be the most bad ass dice I’ve ever seen in my life.  This isn’t just a full set of multiple sided dice, ohhh no.  This is a set of glow in the dark Cthulhu themed dice!  WTF?  Where have these been all my life?  I feel like I haven’t truly been rolling to my full potential.  It turns out that the guys who make these, Q-workshop, have a whole slew of cool stuff over at their website, so I suggest you check them out.  These guys seem to be all around, GenCon, Origins, etc., so there’s a good chance you already know about them, in which case, THANKS FOR LETTING ME BE THE LAST TO KNOW!  Pfff.  And I thought we were friends.

6 responses to “That’s How I Roll

  1. I can barely read them when they’re glowing, I can only imagine how hard they could be to read when they aren’t. That aside, it’s an awesome design.

  2. Great, now if they only make a glow in the dark character sheet and glow in the dark DM screen we can have a tabletop slumber party!!!

  3. For the record “Anonymous” is French for Jeff Siefer

  4. they’d probably be easy to read if they were big, like Bigger or Biggest.

    working on finding Bigger-est.

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