The War to end all Endwars

If you plan on buying this you can send your money to me instead, Ill gladly take it

If you plan on buying this you can send your money to me instead, I'll gladly take it

So in the news… Tom Clancy’s Endwar came out for the PC today.  Boasting incredible graphics, sound, gameplay.  Not to mention you can use your voice to control your units.  This is definitely shaping up to be one of 2009’s best…

In other news, no one cares about Tom Clancy’s Endwar


4 responses to “The War to end all Endwars

  1. Except we both found it kind of fun when we played the demo on 360. It also got generally positive reviews. You like to think your opinion is that of many when it’s of the very few (read: 1). Put that in your pipe and smoke it son.

    • Reviews may be good, and it is fun, but doesn’t mean anyone will buy it with a declining PC market. Point being it will turn into UT3 with poor sales and no one playing online.

      My opinion is meant to be sarcastic but also its my opinion. the post was meant for a laugh, way to be a downer.

      • Just because nobody is buying PC at retail doesn’t mean that they’re not buying it through digital distribution on services like Steam and D2D. The reason UT3 sold relatively well, but if the game isn’t fun to play then of course nobody is going to play it online. That’s why they’re not charging for their next batch of content.

        Endwar may fare well because it’s an RTS and PC gamers dig that way more than console gamers do. It’s also a Clancy game which typically counts for something with PC gamers.

        I’m sorry I hurt you baby, can we kiss and make up? 😛

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