PNG Audiophile: The G-Unit is Waiting for You

Wur mah skull?

PNG talks about what we’ve been playing, Microsoft laying down the banhammer, and The Guinness Book of World Records’ list of most influential console games.  Logan shares his love for Orisinal games which we borrow one of the game’s music for our opening and break.  I’m sure Logan will let us know what game it is along with a link.  Enjoy!

PNG Audiophile:  The G-Unit is Waiting for You!


4 responses to “PNG Audiophile: The G-Unit is Waiting for You

  1. Absolutely! The music is from Sunny Day Sky. Check all the other games on the site as well. They’re almost as fun as they are adorable!

  2. Although not the best game I’ve ever played I have to disagree on the Hawx review. I think showing you first how to operate in safe mode helps you. When there is a lock on your aircraft it is MUCH easier to pull off a move ensuring your survival. Now I understand you think the first level is awful, but seriously how many games have we all played and just can’t stand the first few levels because of the tedious instructions on things that should just be common sense. Up until this point I had no clue how to stall an aircraft, but now I’m pretty damn sure I can do it. There are still numerous FPS games that start off with the same old “this is how you pull a trigger” but you never hear a complaint. Ease up on Mr. Clancy. If I can make a few bucks by slappin my name on a game then I fully approve the production of Matt Jones’ Dong Factory. Other than that fantastic work guys keep it up.

    Matt Jones

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