PS3 up in your Grill

This would make me buy a PS3

This would make me buy a PS3

I think the time has come for Sony to seriously step up to the plate and start giving consumers a reason to buy the PS3.  Yes the Blu-Ray player has a good chunk of the market interested when it comes time to choose a console, or pick up a second/third, but as a game system first and foremost Sony needs to deliver.

Gone are the days of one system having more than 50+ system exclusives within its first year and that seems apparent as Sony has only a handful with the likes of Metal Gear, Resistance 1 and 2, MotorStorm, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet, Uncharted, and lest we forget Killzone (which most of the PS2 community did since there hasn’t been a sequel in almost 4 years)  It’s going on year 3 and those listed above give or take a few I may have missed, are pretty much it.  Where is the reason to buy a $400 system there?

I know I’ll hear the argument that a game like Metal Gear, or LBP, or even Killzone is reason enough, and to hold off the torches and armies forthcoming I want you to know “I agree with you!”  But in the real world where the majority of gamers aren’t rich it makes it hard to justify a $400 system for a handful of games.  IT JUST IS!  I want one just as much as anyone, but I can’t justify the $400 when it could easily be put towards something cheaper or something more responsible

Here we are left waiting for games like God of War III, Uncharted 2 (Mind you a fantastic game, worthy of the Naughty Dog License) and that’s about it.  I understand there are a bunch of games that are not listed that are PS3 exclusives but they aren’t big names that stand out to the fans who have been buying Sony products for years.  We as the collective audience are waiting patiently, and I don’t see a drove of people biting until we see a price drop of $100 or more, hopefully in the near future.

Sony is doing it right, but they aren’t hitting the core audience that now they have to pull away from the Xbox 360.  In my opinion I think its XBL that is really clinching the deal on the Xbox as it has an easy to use interface, a listing of your friends, the ability to jump in any game with one and at anytime (granted there are exceptions), digital downloads, and of course the fact of exclusive DLC that seems to be in favor of Microsoft, at least at first.

If I had one thing to tell the Fans of Sony its BUY LITTLE BIG PLANET.  Show your support for a game that is an exclusive, is also arguably the best game on the system as it has the ability to interest any type of gamer out there.  Show your support and buy those games that make a PS3 worth owning.  Things will get better, and if they don’t you won’t see an end to the system, just look at the PSP with its lack of anything that stands out.

Drop the price, market your games and system better, release more exclusives quicker and you’ll see a pick up in sales… It really couldn’t be any easier.  For god’s sake make me want to buy your system and I will.

4 responses to “PS3 up in your Grill

  1. Jessica Abramovich

    You know Dave, in Soviet Russia, the PS3 doesn’t buy you.

    What is cooking in that ps3 by the way? They don’t look like hot dogs to me.

  2. I use my PS3 as a reason to work out…
    Or, do recreation type stuff, like bowling…
    Um, babysitting…

  3. I have to agree about the PS3….I love the system. However, I love the XBOX360 120G…

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