So Who Did it Wrong?


In our dedicated pursuit to keep you educated and free of misinformation, including our own, we bring you some updates and addendums to the last, supremely awesome podcast.

We reported in the “Nintendo’s upcoming lineup” portion of the podcast that Dead Space Extraction for the Wii will “definitely” support the upcoming Wii MotionPlus controller add-on allowing for 1:1 motion recognition (a fancy term for better controls). And by definitely we actually meant not at all. Turns out that EA was misunderstood and the only games, so far, that they will release for the peripheral are Tiger Woods 2010 and EA’s Tennis.

Also, while I went out of my way to give props to Penny Arcade for their brilliant and irrefutable take on social gaming, the Greater Internet F***wad Theory, I completely bungled it. The actual equation states “Normal Person + Anonymity +Audience = Total F***wad.” Apply this to your every day life and nothing will break your stride.

A point of contention between Jim and James was a timeless classic. What came first: Final Fantasy III or Chrono Trigger. Turns out James was drinking! Final Fantasy III came out in 1990, whereas Chrono Trigger came out in 1995… that’s a 5 year lapse in memory for Mr. Jones. However, if he was talking about North America’s FFIII, released in 1994 (FFVI in Japan), then he is only slightly incredibly wrong.

Updating on the 360 banning of gay and lesbian gamers, Microsoft has apologized for the incident(s). In an interview with MTV news, Steven Toulouse, program manager for policy and enforcement on XBOX Live, said that a solution was forthcoming. “I can’t talk about future plans, except to say we want to provide the capability for our users to express relationship preference or gender without a way for it to be misused.”

Last but certainly not least is the fact that Dave referenced his own voice as the sexiest on the PNG podcast on multiple occasion. His source? A fictitious poll that didn’t exist. However, in our undying effort to make him look bad, now it does! Let us know what you think.

Join us on our next Podcast, scheduled for recording Thursday night as we promise to provide you all the most entertaining 5 guys talking about gaming in a room in Cleveland that do a podcast on Thursday nights that may or may not be wearing pants. Enjoy!

7 responses to “So Who Did it Wrong?

  1. I am actually hurt and shocked that you would think we were talking about the the Final Fantasy III that was released in Japan when the dicussion was about the Active Time Battle system. Hurt I tell you Jeff, hurt!

  2. Embarrassing. I still think James is covering up.

  3. I TOLD you FFVI was first. Pssh.

  4. Couple more things to add. News today ruins Jeff’s dreams of playing anything with the Wii classic controller pro. Nintendo says it has no plans to release it in North America.

    Dear Nintendo,
    good call.
    your disenfranchised fanbase

    Also, I might have said that Young Buck was a member of the G-Unit, but he was actually ousted last year. The Unit is Fitty, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and DJ Whoo Kid. My bad.

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