Where old demo units go to die

Here wii gooooo

On Dave’s recommendation, I hit up the Nintendo World store while I was in the big apple.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was more than what I got.  With the exception of some pretty sweet memorabilia under glass boxes, like a GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, it was just a glorified mall kiosk.  Ok, maybe I’m a bit biased as I don’t much care for Nintendo anymore, so I’ll let my (crappy iPhone quality) pictures do the talking.

I just missed the Wii Fit yoga class :(

I just missed the Wii Fit yoga class 😦

DS nuts

DS nuts

Clever girl

Clever girl

Aside from being poor quality, I couldn’t get many pictures because I had to James Bond most of them considering that you can’t snap shots in retail stores (though I’m sure that they get their fair share of tourists like me).   Anyway, unless you are dying for some import Pokemon paraphernalia, there’s not much reason to go here.  Yeah, they have Wiis, but who doesn’t now a days?  Yeah, you can play the DS or the Wii, but if either of these are new to you, you either don’t care about video games, don’t have children, or have been dead for 5 years.  I think what I was really hoping for was a demo of the DSi, or even a friggen picture, but I didn’t even see an ad for one.  And all they had on Pokemon Platinum was a lame pre-order poster.  I guess what it comes down to is, if you’re looking to buy random Nintendo crap, 10 Rockefeller Plaza is the place for you, otherwise, just buy your games where everyone else does: 7-11.

3 responses to “Where old demo units go to die

  1. The store at least looks nice. It has that simplistic ‘Wii’ look to it that is very Nintendo these days. It may not be for us anymore, but it’s hard to deny the cult of personality Nintendo is building this generation. Great post!

  2. No DSi stuff with the launch only a few months away? WTF?

  3. Nicki went to the Nintendo World Store a few months ago, and she said it was cool, but nothing incredible. I expected that, but I thought it would be fun to check it out. Apparently not.

    I can’t even Imagine what the rent is there, and for them to have hardly anything of any worth you would think they would have given the space up. However, Nintendo prints money, so I’m sure they don’t even care.

    I guess its just disappointing as a fan to see that Wii has pretty much ruined our childhood memories of Nintendo.

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