Candy Cage Match – Two men enter, one man leaves

Candy Cage Match!

Run For Your Life, Candyman!

Publisher: Smirk and Dagger Games

MSRP: $29.95





I figure I’d make my debut post on PNG with a run down and review of one of my favorite board games, Run For Your Life, Candyman!  A game that basically amounts to a Candyland with a black box couldn’t possibly be that much fun, now could it?

Candyland was, and still is, one of the greatest board games of all time, yet it was always missing something in my eyes: The ability to screw other players out of winning.  Smirk and Dagger Games, known for just that style of play in their games, answered my wish.  Take a standard Candyland board and spice is up with Tim Burtonish representations of all the classic Candyland characters, add a story about how Candyland is a Nazi death camp for gingerbread men, and player on player combat and you have yourself a ripping good time.

Each time you pass another player on the board, you may take a swipe at one of their limbs, and with the ability to move forwards and backwards along the board, you may want to spend your time relieving the competition of their gingerbread limbs.  Best played with actual gingerbread men cookies as damage sheets, for nothing is more satisfying than filling in all of the damage squares during a Candy Cage Match with frosting and then being able to rip your opponents’ heads off and eating them.

Sporting very easy setup and even easier rules, you could easily plow through more than a few games in an hour, though if you plan to make a night out of gaming, making actually cookies is time consuming, though fulfilling.

4 responses to “Candy Cage Match – Two men enter, one man leaves

  1. Why have we never played this!

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