Know about it! F.E.A.R 2 Review

Publisher:  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer:  Monolith Productions
MSRP:  $49.99 (PC), $59.99 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Grade:  B






I decided that since we are a different type of “gaming” related website that personal reviews might not be for all of us.  I did however, want to make sure I didn’t fail on my intentions to provide a pseudo review of F.E.A.R. 2.  Here goes…

F.E.A.R. 2 would be much easier if broken into bullets for your quick reading pleasure…

TEH Good …

  • Beautiful graphics, Rich color, nice blur effects, blah blah etc. etc.
  • Solid Game play, each version felt like it was made for that particular platform, unlike Bioshock PC which was a XB360 port no doubt.
  • Controls were great (Save the weapon selection, and the reports the PC version was superior to the consoles
  • Nice touch with the slow-mo option
  • In an age of multi-player being the selling point, this game was all single player and kudos to them for that.

TEH Bad…

  • Story was not very engaging, mainly due to the fights between rights with Sierra, Warner Bros., and Monolith.
  • Main character was changed to tie the story as best they could.
  • Ending was confusing, and pretty lame, even if there is a “sequel” in the works
  • Rag Doll Physics were poor mediocre, considering the first one was much better in where it was fun to manipulate bodies, and the environment…not so much in 2
  • Multi-player was as bad as the first one.  Seriously, why bother?

Good game, could have learned a little bit more from the first one, cause I can’t remember one gripe I had with that game.  But I would definitely give it a look see.  If you played it please let me know what you thought.  I’d like to debate or agree with the populous

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