PNG Daily 3/9/09: Can’t Stop the Body Rock


I’ve taken the liberty of playing James’ high school English Teacher.  -Logan

There is a dearth (dearth means a scarcity or lack of, it sounds like you are trying to say just the opposite of that) of news concerning one of my own personal most anticipated game of 2k9, Resident Evil 5.  1up is reporting that not online is the campaign co-op (what?), but the mini-game, Mercenaries, will also be online for the 360 (huh?).   Joystiq has a tip that 5 lucky people that who buy RE5 at Game Crazy will win a trip to the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium.   And finally, Kotaku is reporting(insert space here)that Capcom will announce a new game at the official RE5 release party at Union Square Gamestop in San Francisco.  Speculation is that it’s probably going to be a Code Veronica remake for the Wii.

Onto the typical week ahead that I so enjoy letting you in on here at PNG.  Logan planning on getting serious this week with a review of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and a possible editorial.  Jim should have a review of the GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned.  I’m hoping to get and editorial up concerning Games for Windows – Live along with a First Impressions of Quake Live, the free web based version of Quake 3/Quake Arena.  In addition, I might try to convince Logan to play a couple of co-op missions and multiplayer maps on Dawn of War 2 for a short review on that.  Finally, we are probably going to get some author bio pages up by the end of the week.

Outtie 5k


One response to “PNG Daily 3/9/09: Can’t Stop the Body Rock

  1. If anything, the red edits make this post much more Resident Evil appropriate

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