PNG Daily 3/10/09: Do You Have the List?


Take Two laid out their list of titles coming out in 2009 and Kotaku has said list over here.  As they point out, you’ll notice a lack of definite platforms listed for Bioshock 2.  This might cause one to engage in speculation.  If I were one to partake in said speculation, I would say that it might just be a timed console exclusive for the Xbox 360 like the original.  What do I know though, right?

Tabletop Gaming has a couple articles about Privateer Press’ minature game gems, Hordes and Warmachine.  This one details their release schedule for July 2009 (it’s actually for June if you go to Privateer’s website look it up).  This other post should be a bit more of an interest to the Warmachine and Hordes iPhone users out there.  It’s about a free army builder application available through iTunes.  I got a chance to demo Hordes a couple years back and it was a lot of fun.  If I had to compare it to something , I would say it’s a step between WizKids clicks games and Warhammer.  It was easy enough for a beginner to pick up on the basic rules and have fun playing while still having a bit more rules and strategy for a seasoned minis veteran.

Lastly, Joystiq and 1up have posts up about The Behemoth (developers of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid) announcing a new game next week.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come out 2 years from now with broken online multiplayer like their last release.  I kid because I care Castle Crashers, you know I love you baby.

Outtie 5k

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