A friendly reminder: don’t forget to bring a towel


For all you Bioshock fans out there (read: everyone…or damn well should be), I hope you’re keepin your eyes on www.somethinginthesea.com.  I mentioned it briefly on the podcast last week, but if you missed it, the lovely folks at Take 2 have been kind enough to toss us some sweet Bioshock 2 morsels.  These savory bits are coming in the form of news clippings, wanted posters, and letters tacked on a world map.  Best part?  It seems that the site is being updated on a daily basis.  It looks like they’re already doing a bang-up job setting the mood, but what’s next?  No Ryan.  No Fontaine.  No…. well, no anyone really.  Tenenbaum maybe?  I would have said spoiler alert, but if you haven’t played this game yet, you don’t deserve the courtesy.

Oh, take notice of the new Game Informer cover.  “Big Sister awaits your return to Rapture?”  Tenenbaum is sounding better (or worse?).


7 responses to “A friendly reminder: don’t forget to bring a towel

  1. OR it could be a Little Sister who went to the surface, grew up (as in the ending of the game) but went crazy and returned and is now kidnapping normal little girls from the surface and making more Little Sisters and OH MY GOODNESS I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!

    • This game is actually being developed with Steven Spielburg… turns out it was aliens all along.

    • Bioshock took place in 1960. According to somethinginthesea.com, all the shit going down is happening in 1967. That doesn’t leave much time for growing up. If we’re to believe that the ending of Bioshock is final, it looks like we’re getting a new protagonist. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what evil lurks in the oceans’s dark depths.

      • Perhaps.. though they could easily be in their teens, as the teaser trailer seemed to show. Recall the girl standing on the beach? Clearly the older Little Sisters will be in there somewhere. Perhaps as a protagonist? That would be fucking crazy.

        And as far as the ending leading up to the sequel goes, it would also depend on which ending is considered canon, you know? The ‘evil’ ending was starkly different from the ‘good’.

      • Oh man, I just hit up somethinginthesea.com and now I’m even more intrigued. So it’s Tenenbaum wanting her Little Children back, right? Oh my fuck it’s going to be so god damned awesome!

        • It’s not just one big sister. If you look at the clippings you’ll notice that some of the children were taken by the big sister crashing through a window while at least one was taken from a window that was cut with a tool a jewel thief would use. Another peculiar thing is that some of the girls screamed and other didn’t. It’s very good stuff.

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