Scandal! Logan Persons a Sell Out?

Those god damn paparazzi

Highly placed and reliable sources have confirmed that PNG’s own Logan Persons has indeed purchased a copy of Resident Evil 5. When asked why he made said purchase he responded “I want to play what everyone else is playing.”

This is, in fact, the same Logan Persons that could be heard hemming and hawing everytime said Resident Evil game is brought up in every single PNG podcast. In fact, if any of you have purchased a recent game from Capcom he definitely had very derogatory things to say about you and many of your closest loved ones.

However, that has not stopped him from spending his hard earned $60 for a game that has, until recently, received nothing but his scorn. Coincidentally, that $60 is the same EXACT price of Mr. Persons’ soul. Logan Persons is hereby and for all eternity a sell out.

9 responses to “Scandal! Logan Persons a Sell Out?

  1. Can’t review games you don’t play, and for whatever reason, Capcom has neglected to send me my promo copy. Also:

    Dear Pot,
    How was 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand? I recall you talking a lot of shit about it before you played it.

    • How dare you sir. How DARE YOU! I will save my verbal spanking of your buttocks for Thursday’s podcast….. and brilliant pic by the way

  2. I can’t fucking believe it. I just… I can’t believe it.

    You are part of the problem now!

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