png daily 3/16/09: I’ll give you something to cry about


Once again, James has left me at the helm and I have promised to deliver us safely through the night.   So all hands on deck, batten down the hatches, and tighten the mizzenmast, because its going to be a ride.

As I do not possess James’ magical internet sifter, I cannot gaurantee that the news I bring you will be at its freshest, but I will still try.  Capcom has snapped back at the recent outcry of “cheated” gamers regarding the upcoming Resident Evil 5 DLC.  According to Joystiq, who heard from Kotaku, who overheard a converation on Capcom’s forums, Capcom’s vice president of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, is piiiiiiiissed.  How pissed?  Well, I heard from Becky, who heard from Chris, who’s dating the sister of so pissed that he called “BS” over it.  That’s right.  So for all you whiners out there who are saying, “Waah, why do I have to pay for content that’s more or less composed of resources that were already included on the disc with exception of some fancy timers and a day or so’s worth of code, waaaah,” Christian Svensson has this for ya:  “You better a.) check yourself before you b.) wreck yourself,” (I’m pretty sure he said that).  According to Svensson, these whiney babies aren’t taking into account that this DLC wasn’t part of the original game’s budget.  He goes on to say that his game is sooooo worth $60 before the DLC, and no one bitched when it hadn’t been announced, so what’s all the fuss about now?  What?  Because its coming out so soon?  Well excuuuuuuuuse us for trying to bring you content ASAP.  If you don’t want it, don’t buy it?  Comprende?

Don’t worry Chris…I won’t.  I’ll be too busy thinking about how awesome Valve is and wondering what new ways they’ll come up with to continue making me happy that I bought their games.

In other news, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson finally smelled what he was cooking, and it didn’t smell good.  Even he came to acknowledge the fact that Doom was bad.  I guess its hard to match the star power(!) of John Lequizamo and Dennis Hopper with cornrows (who said there’s never been a bad Super Mario?)

Finally, I will leave you with this image courtesy of Kotaku:

i guess there's worse ways to kill yourself

What is it you ask?  Who cares.  Just look at the thing.  It looks like that lady(?) is doing the same thing I would do and is using it as a spew collector.  I shudder to think what games might find a use for such a peripheral.

4 responses to “png daily 3/16/09: I’ll give you something to cry about

  1. I enjoy shirking responsibility.

    The real BS is that Chris from Capcom is stating they set aside a budget for the DLC, but it’s mostly using assets from the game. The only thing they needed to put in there extra was support for 4 players.

    Seriously, I’m starting an official Gabe Newell Fan Club.

    • i really don’t see the issue. regardless… it’s 5 bucks. I have put 30some hours into RE5 now and still don’t have 100%. Yeah, I beat the game, but there’s still a lot left to do. I’m gonna upgrade every damn weapon and get ever achievement.

      I don’t mind paying 5 bucks extra for a little more content. There’s pleanty of games that I paid 60 bucks for that I didn’t put 10 hours in.

  2. Maybe it’s because no one knew that they would have to pay extra cash for not much more? Silly capcom.

  3. A human beings begins scathing his insight teeth the initially often he bites out more than he can chew.

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