PNG Daily 3/18/09: I Am So Sorry!


For those of you that have been contemplating jumping back into Magic or even giving it a shot for the first time, Wizards of the Coast is giving away free decks here.  You’ll have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for the deck so I hope you weren’t looking to start anytime soon.  But hey, one can not argue with the price.

EA, you are no longer the hellish company that the majority of the gaming population used to despise.  I yoinked this from Joystiq but pretty much every online news outlet and blog has a post up about it.  Godfather II will have a day one patch that adds in a new multiplayer mode for FREE!  Take that Capcom!

Mountain Dew is at it again with their gamer targeted marketing.  Giant Bomb has a post up detailing World of Warcraft and Mountain Dew’s joint venture to get you to pour some gamer fuel down your gullet.  You’ll find the news post along with drink mixing recommendations here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m still trying to sleep off my excess of irish spirit.

Outtie 5k

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