PNG Daily 3/20/09: Working for the Weekend


Joystiq has an article that contains some excerpts from an interview Gamasutra did with the General Manager of EA Partners, David DeMartini, over here.  It gives me high hopes for my Mirror’s Edge sequel.  EA, you’ve been doing it so right.

Wizards of the Coast has an article up here about the history of the Druid and Bard classes in D&D throughout the various editions.  This includes their current role in 4th Edition in the new Player’s Handbook 2.  People, all I have to say is Wizards is gouging us at the 4E.

I apparently have let the Friday Dev. Diaries over at Giant Bomb slip through my Internet Sifter and I couldn’t be any more full of regret and shame.  They’ve been following developer Starbreeze Studios over the past few weeks getting the dish on Chronicles of Riddick:  Assault on Dark Athena.  You’ll find some interesting terms those crazy Swedes used during the the making of one of our most anticipated games here.

Lastly, I don’t think you should go through this weekend if you have a couple of hours to kill without giving the latest Bombcast a listen.  If you dig our podcasts then you will love what the guys over at Giant Bomb put out every Tuesday.  I highly recommend the episode put out on 3-17.  LINK!

Outtie 5k

4 responses to “PNG Daily 3/20/09: Working for the Weekend

  1. I am currently playing through another Starbreeze game – The Darkness. It’s fantastic. Might I say, that I will play just about anything that studio puts out!

  2. Jim, I am so glad that you are enjoying The Darkness as well. I’ve played it through twice and have recommended to many people only to have them come back and say, “the difficulty remained the same and thus it was too easy”. To which I optimistically reply, “well, maybe, but what about the story? the immersion factor?”. The usual rebuttal to that is, “Meh. You must’ve read the comics.” Which I did. So I’ve always just chalked my positive experience of the game up to that. Nevertheless, there are little things that Starbreeze did in that game that I find unbelievably cool, regardless of personal comic nerd history, in terms of immersion and/or player/character empathy. Like just sitting on the couch with your girl and watching “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Art imitating or emulating life like that makes all the ridiculous shadowy, strangling tendrils to follow that much more plausible. All the blood, death, and darkness to come, that much more tangible.

    Also, Mike Patton’s in-game vocal work is SO BAD ASS. Since playing the game, whenever I hear a group of hipsters reciting the usual litany of Patton praise (for fantomas or tomahawk), I’ve always relished the opportunity to interject, “yeh, but have you played The Darkness?”

    It’s a good game that really uniquely benefitted from thoughtful production/design.

    • Absolutely no sarcasm there! It is one of the most immersive game’s I’ve ever played in my life. The scene on the couch was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a game before. It’s not perfect, but there are just so many things that Starbreeze did so right in The Darkness.

      And I find the story very engaging, despite having never turned a page of the comics (besides the few I’ve unlocked in the game so far); so whoever uses that excuse just doesn’t like good video games! I am at the part where I just met my great-great grand father for the first time, and damn am I itching to fire it back up and head to ‘the hills’ later!

      Lastly, as for the difficulty complaints you’ve heard, one of the most satisfying parts of the game to me is how bad ass you become so quickly compared to how you are in the beginning. So if the difficulty stays the same and I get to keep feeling bad ass while experiencing this cool story, I can’t understand how this would be a problem. Too often in games you unlock some sweet ability only to then meet the enemies that are immune to it, and The Darkness doesn’t do that to you.

      Starbreeze, you’re doing it so right.

  3. Of course, I realize now, that you could’ve been joking. Ah, the internet and sarcasm. For further evidence of how these two aren’t exactly peanut butter and jelly, see my “review” of Super Paper Mario. *sigh*

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