PNG Daily 3/24/09: Consoles Are Not Immune


Welcome to PNG’s 100th post!  We have a little surprise for you guys after the break.   We have to get this little matter of some news out of the way first.  Not a whole lot going on interesting even with GDC 2009 happening as we speak.

If you’re an owner of Fallout 3 for Xbox 360, you’ll find that Bethesda’s much awaited second DLC pack was unceremoniously yanked off of Xbox Live shortly after it was made available.  Apparently, they uploaded a corrupt version of the English file that was resulting in some pretty crazy glitches.  Giant Bomb has the story here.

Ubisoft’s deal of the day on Steam happens to be a game near and dear to Logan’s heart.  Prince of Persia is on sale for 50% bringing it to a paltry $24.99 over here and in the Steam client.  No word on if they’ll discount the ending for you also.

Your delicious surprise after the break…


We couldn’t resist ourselves and our unbridled love of Vin.  We are both truly deadly entities.  Happy 100th post PNG Crew and Fans.  You’ll find that the picture here and is set at 1280 x 1024 if you’re interested in making it your wallpaper.

Outtie 5k

4 responses to “PNG Daily 3/24/09: Consoles Are Not Immune

  1. i approve this message

  2. Lest all of you forget The Pacifier…

    Some atrocities can never be forgotten

    • I think your memory is faulty sir. He wasn’t in that. Don’t bother going back and waching it or checking IMDB, just trust me…. HE WASN’T IN THAT!

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