Nintendo GDC all about keeping hope alive


What a day at GDC if you’re a Nintendo fan!

First off, let me say that I too have traveled the path of the Nintendo Nay-Sayer.  Over the last year, it’s been a rough ride for my inner child and my love of nostalgia because of Nintendo.  They failed miserably last year.  As hardcore fans we got Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Melee, which unfortunately lost its appeal quickly, but that’s about all we got.

It’s 2009!  It’s time for Nintendo to make a fresh start and try to win back those of us who may have sold their Wii or Nintendo DS a bit prematurely.  Now to be fair, I don’t fault anyone that did because you had become fed up with the garbage.  But as a proud Nintendo DS owner and semi-closet Wii owner, I’m getting excited again the way I was when I first heard Nintendo Revolution.

After the jump is exciting and bountiful information on what Nintendo delivered today during their keynote at GDC.

In the Wii category…

  • SD memory card storage has been increased from 4GB to a now staggering 32GB of SDHC (SD High Capacity).

– This is good for obvious reasons, but now we don’t have to wait for the alleged “hard drive” that was supposed to come out.  No wait and no extra money to spend, just a simple update and that goodness is on your Wii ready to go.

  • The functionality to now store VC games, Channels, and Save Data all on the SD card and have it played directly on your Wii without the hassle of transferring it back to the Wii internal Memory!!!  It even grabs your save data from the internal memory even though the game is running from the SD Card.
  • Virtual Console Arcade launches today, relive the classics from the arcade days by playing games like STARFORCE by Tecmo Ltd. and Mappy, Gaplus, and Tower of Druaga by Namco Bandai Games.  More games to come in the future.
  • There will be 3 new Final Fantasy’s coming to the Wii.  They include a sequel to Final Fantasy IV called FFIV: The Years After, a sequel to My life as a King called My Life as a Darklord, and older original Final Fantasy games on the VC.

In the DS Category…

  • DSi Launches April 5th for $179.99 and with every purchase until October 5th, every owner that accesses the DSi Store will receive 1000 free DSi Store points to use on any of the  DSi Apps or DSi Games.
  • Pricing for the DSi Store games range from free to 200, 500, and 800+ points.
  • No titles were announced for the store at this time.
  • Wario Ware: Snapped is coming as either a DSi Store game or as a retail copy when it hits North America.  The date has not been disclosed, but it’s obvious that Wario Ware will be a big hit so expect to see it this year.  And because it’s Wario Ware, please do yourselves a favor and check the link out to see what this game is about. Thanks to IGN for the video.
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was announced.  What can you say about Zelda but its a graphical sucessor to Phantom Hourglass with cel shaded graphics.  The game should be out this year and it looks great.  Since it’s Zelda, its going to be a guaranteed seller, so just accept the fact you’ll be buying one.

– Synopsis:  Take Phantom Hourglass, remove the water and add an open plain, replace the boat with a train, replace the cannon on the boat with another cannon on the train, add a metal knight partner to follow you around and do your bidding, keep touch controls, and add a new storyline and boss fights…  This is Spirit Tracks.  But it’s Zelda, so it’s awesome

  • Rhythm Heaven is Nintendo’s next big title that you have haven’t heard about.  It looks terrible from a visual stand point, but it’s one of the fastest selling games in Japan with over a million units sold. There is even a commercial being produced for it with Beyonce’ so it’s got to be big right?  I recommend you check it out as it’s a music rhythm game that will surely be fun.

All in all I think we got more than we expected out of a keynote from Nintendo at GDC.  Hopefully we can expect the same thing from them if not more when E3 comes up in July.  However, I think this can hold me over for a few months.  Congratulations Nintendo your winning me back, even if it is for temporary period of time.  I still love you.


6 responses to “Nintendo GDC all about keeping hope alive

  1. Might need to pick up a DS again. I’m feel like I’m missing some good games and I’m DEFINITELY missing The World Ends With You.

    • Yeah, I’ve been feeling like I’m missing out also. The woman and I might pick up a DSi to share since Nintendo actually let loose that there will be DSi specific games.

  2. I by no means wish to nitpick a solid article, but isn’t the DSi $169.99 or did I miss something?

  3. Give up on Nintendo.

    • I’ll give up when they absolutely promise that they have nothing good ever again coming out. But if you gave up on them that’s your choice, but the fact is they still do make quality and it doesn’t have to have fit in the title

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