Callest of Dutier: More Moderner Warfaring


Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2, developed by Infinity Ward will be hitting retail shelves on 11.10.09, a date reminiscent of a bomb going off in your face.  (Which I hope happens in the game.)  You may be wondering, “Hey Josh, isn’t the game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?  You even have Call of Duty in  your list of post tags!”.  The answer is no.  Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare has “taken on such a life of its own”.  In other, less fanciful terms, it’s now considered a spin off.

What I think happened is that Infinity Ward was tired of having their creations turned to poop by Tetrisarch… Tamponarch… Treyarch, in order to exploit it as a yearly franchise for Activision.  In all seriousness though, I find it odd that Activision is dropping the Call of Duty title from this game.  Does this mean that Treyarch will stick to cloning Infinity Ward’s engine for bland WW2 shooters with the Call of Duty name?  Will we see the Modern Warfare moniker take over for Call of Duty, and see titles like Modern Warfare: World in War?

Will Modern Warfare 2 be able to match the sales of Call of Duty 4 without the franchise tag? Probably, I guess.  I’ll leave that kind of math to Jeff.  I’m just here to  make fun of Treyarch.

2 responses to “Callest of Dutier: More Moderner Warfaring

  1. Modern Warfare + 2 – Call of Duty + Idiots who will ask store clerks for Call of Duty 6 = Shit ton of copies.

    There you are.

  2. The thing about CoD, pronounced “cod,” is that it’s easy to say. So this is CoD. CoD 4 will now be known as “old CoD.” ‘5’ will continue to be known as “World War Shit.”

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