Come get some grids

Some of you may already be aware, but DnD Insider is up and running, and probably has been for awhile now.  This is news to me, because between the time of the launch of DnD 4th Edition and today, I grew so tired of waiting for the damn thing to launch, I forgot it ever exisited.  If you haven’t checked it out already, they are offering a free trial for you to tinker with.

To most hardcore fans of Shadowrun (The rabid, frothing at the mouth fundamental lunatics), the setting and spirit of Shadowrun and the 20-sideder mix like a vodka tonic with baking soda. However, there’s always a brave soul willing to weather a night of foaming vomit and try a conversion: the folks at this blog(Chemistry Disclaimer: I’m not actually sure that it would foam before or after ingestion, and I’m not wasting the booze to find out) I gave it a quick once over, and it actually looks like it could work pretty well.  Of course, there are some things I would do differently, but I think it’s a nice start.  I hope it works out for their group. 

The folks over at Twin Blade Games have developed Sen So, a two player gladitorial style strategy game.   The base game is designed for ninja combat, but many expansions exist; Pirates, Zombies, and Archers for example.  It looks like it could be fun, and I’m hoping to obtain a sample for a future playtest.

Finally, everyone be sure to check Half Priced Book stores in the gaming section.  I’ve never seen anything gaming related carrying a jacked-up collector’s price for any of the gems I’ve found at their stores.

It’s not much of post, but I figured we were due for some grids.

7 responses to “Come get some grids

  1. Thanks for the plug Josh! I’m the “main” brave soul over at SR4E doing the majority of the conversion. I’m glad you like it so far. You mention that you’d do things differently. I’ll admit I’m a bit stubborn when it comes to this and don’t change my mind often, but I’m still interested to hear what you would change.

    • The biggest thing that came to mind was the firearms damage. Back in the d20 Modern rule book, the firearms always had 2 dice of damage, rather than a single die; which I’ve always liked. I figure upping the damage would keep the game a bit more deadly and keeping in the Shadowrun spirit.

      Though, as with any rule, your milage will vary and you may have playtested this already and decided on the single.

    • Have you demoed this at any cons at all?

  2. No, I haven’t demo’d it at all. I started working on last Sunday (22nd) and put it online the following day so the conversion itself is still technically in its infancy. We’ve only playtested the Former Company Man and that was an extreme beta version. I’m not sure this is something I could actually demo this since it’s using an IP I don’t exactly have the rights to. Do you think it’s worthy of a demo though?

    • I think as long as you’re not making any money off of it there shouldn’t be a problem. You could never really sell it because of it relying heavily on the Shadowrun universe of course. If you’re worried, shoot an e-mail out to Catalyst’s PR and see what they say. Are you planning on going to any of the major cons at all? I know a few of us might pop down to Origins for a day and we’ll be covering Gencon from wednesday to sunday. I would love to give this a shot if you’re there (I’m sure Josh would also). Hell, I’m sure you can fill a game with just our crew. Keep us updated!

  3. I’d love to go and demo this just for fun, but the economy is wreaking havok on my income, so trips to cons are out of my “line of sight” you could say. In any case, once I have a good portion of the conversion done and I feel it’s somewhat solid, I plan to put up a short adventure to “demo” how the system could be used. I’ll keep you guys updated as I release chunks of content.

    It’s really too bad 4E is so heavily protected by Wizards. It would have been fun to bring this to FantasyGrounds or something. Unfortunately, the system is basically unplayable in an online format. I don’t expect much flexability from WotC’s Game Table or whatever it’s called.

    • That’s understandable. Just shoot an e-mail out to me ( or Josh ( and we’ll be sure to post about your updates. We’re always looking for interesting news about tabletop games and your project fits that bill!

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