PNG Daily 3/26/2009: Let Me Take You Back


Direct your attention over yonder at this Joystiq post.  Apparently the original Call of Duty has been rated by the ESRB for Xbox 360 and PS3.  I am ashamed that I never got to give this little gem a try back when it first came out on PC.  If you’ve been enjoying all of the recent Call of Duties on consoles, please consider picking this up when it drops.  This also is making it fairly obvious that Microsoft is starting to become incredibly lenient with their Xbox Live file size limit.

Josh may have stole my thunder by making a post about Modern Warfare 2‘s 11/10/2009 release date, but the day is still mine.  Clink the link above to see the teaser trailer on the official site.  Notice that there is an analyze button to the right of the time bar.  Clicking it will allow you to analyze the trailer in hundredths of a second and even zoom in fairly close.  So go ahead and tear that trailer apart, just let us know if you find something meaty!

The Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) announced the winners of their most prestigious awards.  Kotaku has the list here.  These winners were all picked by their peers and are all well deserved.  Compare if you so desire to the list of winners from the Spike Video Game Awards that are voted on by I believe the enthusiast and regular press.

Joystiq has a post up about a crazy trade in deal that Amazon has going on until April 12th.  Apparently when you trade in 4 games with their new service, not only do you get a gift card for the trade in value but you can also get $20 off of select titles.  You can find that list here.  There are some heavy hitters in that list that you can most likely get for pretty much zero dollars after your trade.  Of course, those gift cards are not just limited to video games

This is for you Jim.

2 responses to “PNG Daily 3/26/2009: Let Me Take You Back

  1. Someone’s trailer analyzation –
    There! Some of the work done for you.

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