PNG Audiophile: Babies Can’t Balance

Having Babies Is Hard

PNG Audiophile – Babies Can’t Balance

Well it’s Friday, and with that comes another episode of the Pixels and Grids Audiophile! On this episode we talk about Mad World, Wheelman, the Nintendo DSi, and Modern Warfare 2. Just don’t Imagine any Babyz around Jeff. He gets a little sensitive about it. Enjoy!

4 responses to “PNG Audiophile: Babies Can’t Balance

  1. Man they just keep getting younger and younger.

    Kids having kids. Babies having babies.

  2. A.) Good cast guys
    B.) To Dave: When you mentioned the difference between LOTRO and WAR, I know what you mean and I think I know what it is. WAR is hard to really get immersed in because it lacks anything but war. The Warhammer universe, both Fantasy and more-so 40K, are centered around combat and conflict. I like that fact that in other games, like LOTRO for example, not everything is about direct conflict. You can be in a tavern without feeling like its just another place to get your next “fuck dem up” quest. I still like WAR, but it often comes off a bit too hollow. My 2ยข.

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