Here are 10 reasons to buy Prototype

Prototpye Smash!

Prototype Smash!

Alright, we all knew Prototype looked pretty cool but have you actually taken some time to investigate this game?  I checked out this video that I found from Kotaku and I, from this moment forward, have become a Prototype believer.  I will be buying this game the day it comes out.  In fact I’m pre-ordering it today. Pure and Simple.

Oh, one more thing.  If you have ever played one of the best games to ever come out (read on because I mean this), then the name Radical Entertainment will be enough for you to buy this game.  Radical was the developer of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction, which was one of the greatest games to ever come out on top of being a superhero title which went beyond good.  Well Radical has made Hulk 2 and its called Prototype.  Please Please watch this video… you’ll be convinced.

10 Reasons to buy Prototype


8 responses to “Here are 10 reasons to buy Prototype

  1. Holy crap. This game just hopped on my radar. I had heard of it previously, but until seeing that bitchin’ gameplay I hadn’t really cared. But now? Damn.

  2. seriously? I watched this video and it elicited the biggest “meh” from me that I could muster. Can you say M Rated Hulk: Ultimate Destruction? Ok, I realize that that might be a pro or con depending who you’re talking to. I guess I’m just not looking for another arcadey sandbox right now. To Activision, the publisher who dropped Brutal Legend: this game better have been worth holding onto.

    • LOL, apparently I skipped your second paragraph Dave. I’m not surprised in the slightest that it’s the same developer. I still can’t say that I’m excited. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

      On a somewhat unrelated note. Picture how awesome the Assassin’s Creed series will be when they drop this whole “livin’ in the past” BS and Desmond embraces his heritage. Modern day Altairism? Welcome to Awesometown, population me.

      …ok… I’m done

  3. I knew I was going to get the obligatory “Activision dropped Brutal Legend” comment from you. I will be the first to say I have written off Activision because they are whores for everything they can milk on a yearly basis. But With Radical being the developer and Activision being the publisher. I’m convinced this game will be more than awesome. I’m sold already.

    • Way to stand our ground Dave! With that said though, you are completely wrong and Logan is King Shit of Fuck Mountain on this argument. We will not hear an unkind word on anything regarding Tim Schafer or there will be unbridled war the likes of which you and your immediate family has never before seen. The horrors which you will witness will make you wish you had never before invoked the name of Activision, the enemy upon which we ruthlessly feast so that no such genius ever suffer the boundless myopia that King Schafer did. So, in short, you’re either with us…. or dead.

      • Listen I’m a Maniac Mansion fan, and I did play Day of the Tentacle. So I have had a bit of “Schafer” Influence. Again its all about how Activision is Ghey, and how Radical or Tim Schafer is not Ghey. I’m completely fine with the likes of the two. Its Activision that will rue the day in the end.

        Also I plan on attempting the year of the schafer, so long as Logan provides me with free copies of the games considering they are missing from the walls of fame. I’m totally a believer, I just believe that Prototype will be King Shit and in the end I’ll be right.

        • Dude. He totally did The Rocks People elbow to that tank. I wish I could do that. End.

          Oh. But Uh. What the hell is the point of this game? All I see is that your are basically a pissed off God who just wants to fuck up this whole city. I mean nothing wrong with that but Uh. You know. Wtf.

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