PNG Daily 4/2/09: You Need This


Today is all about stuff you most likely probably definitely need,  starting with the DSi.  Giant Bomb has a list of the games launching with the handheld this weekend here.  Wario Ware has become a staple to any Nintendo system that has come out since the GBA for good reason, it’s just good clean frantic fun.  The rest of the list I could probably take or leave.  If Dave’s earlier post about the Nintendo GDC keynote is correct, you should be able to pick up Wario with your free 1,000 DSi points.

Tabletop Gaming News put up a post yesterday that should have probably made in on the Daily then.  Catalyst games released a free PDF as an April fools joke that combines their two popular tabletop RPG’s, Battletech and Shadowrun.  Battlerun has apparently been 45 years in the making and promises to take you to an eighth world that is far more awesome then the sixth!

Steam put up a trailer for Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E.  If you recall, I talked about it a bit on a previous podcast and was completely excited about the card based trickery that would ensue in the game.  The trailer sows some pretty graphics and the basic gist of the game.  Definitely worth a look.  It’s just too bad a table like that doesn’t exist.

Speaking of card based RTS’s, Kotaku has a review up of BattleForge that is luring me with it’s siren song.  I miss playing collectable card games like Magic and UFS, so some of the press on this is really breaking my will.  Do it up!

I’m going to end this Daily on a classy note.  MTV Multiplayer has a post up about a new instant kill feature for male characters only in Nexon’s free multiplayer FPS called Combat Arms.  One can assume that there are now quite a few female avatars running around in that game.

Look for my Wheelman review in a bit along with the podcast going up tomorrow morning, until then…

Outtie 5k

One response to “PNG Daily 4/2/09: You Need This

  1. “If” my post is correct? Oh it definitely is correct. I don’t spew lies sir. Free points till October 5th for any buyer of a DSi.

    Outtie 1k ( as in the amount of points you get for free )

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