Assassin’s Creed 2 teaser: screen shots

2x the wristblades, 2x the pain

James wasn’t lying when he said that the teaser held some nifty treats.  If you’re anything like him and you lack a printer and webcam, then I have this to say to you:  Sort your bloody life out mate!  That being said, I am a kind and benevolent man, so I will reveal to you the treasures without all of the legwork (but I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty friggen cool to see it in action).  Hit the jump to see the screens and my pretty face.






Looks like there’s gonna be more info in this next month’s Game Informer magazine, set to be unveiled on April 16th.  Also, there are 4 more “feeds” on the site, so be on the lookout for new symbols to show up online or in mags.  I know I’ll be checking next month’s GI carefully 😉

6 responses to “Assassin’s Creed 2 teaser: screen shots

  1. CAMZ SHOTZ PLZ? Webcams? Welcome back to the 90’s bro! =D

  2. All kidding aside though, this is really sweet tech. It’s kind of what they use in the PS3 CCG Eye of Judgement.

  3. Would you be at all uncomfortable if I made that last screen my wallpaper and or made it into a poster to put above my bed?


  5. FYI,
    there’s another symbol in May’s Game Informer magazine. No pretty picture, but it unlocks something.

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