PNG Daily 4/6/09: We Got the Jams, The Jams That Make You Go To Work


Welcome back PNG’ers for another week of news, gaming, and brotherhood.  We’re buckling down for what is already looking to be another slow news week that might ultimately end with another hilarious and entertaining Audiophile.

As reported in Logan’s brilliant Warstation 2 Daily, Privateer Press was making a downloadable version of the new Warmachine ruleset available for download to beta test. has a post up letting everybody know it’s up and ready to be downloaded complete with a link.  Be aware that you will have to register to nab the PDF file.  We might grab some generic mini’s and take this ruleset for a spin, and assuming it doesn’t violate any NDA’s or license agreements, let you know what the deal is.

All major blogs are reporting that an Assassin’s Creed 2 teaser site went live.  I grabbed the link from 1up here.  I couldn’t get the full effect of it due to my lack of a webcam and printer, but if you have these things Logan tells me you’re in for a nifty little treat.  Maybe he’ll be kind enough to post some screen captures for us later.

I’ll close out by letting you know that we should have a few more reviews up on the site this week.  Hopefully one for
Assault on Dark Athena by either Logan or Jeff and one or two board/card game reviews by myself.   We’ll of course keep pounding out the Daily’s in addition to hopefully one PNG Editorial.

Outtie 5k.

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