png daily 4/7/09: the new hotness


So we all know about that hot new DSi selling out all over the world.  But what if I told you that Sony is striking back with a hot new PSP due out by Christmas?  Looking at the screens above, your reaction should range somewhere between “I payed $170 for the redesigned same old crap,” and “thank God Nintendo failed to dupe me for the eleventeenthed time.”  You see, allegedly Pocket Gamer totally knows a PSP developer working on the above masterpiece.  The new hotness comes complete with a sliding touch screen and the standard button layout of the current PSP’s including D-Pad, face buttons, start and select buttons, and analog…. sticks?  Wait, is that another analog stick?  Holy crap on a pita, it is!  Thank the maker!  No word yet on if this is a yet-another redisign (PSP 4000) or a completely new system with it’s own offering of upcoming titles (PSP 2?).  With the addition of a second analog stick, conventional wisdom would assume that this would be a system that would need to have it’s own games going forward as any PSP game designed with two sticks in mind would automatically exclude every other PSP that has come out since launch.  However, nothing (except additional development costs) would stop a potential new PSP from being backwards compatible. 

What has potentially been the most controversial bit of DLC to have ever been released has seen the light of day today in the form of Resident Evil 5 versus mode.  Did you buy a copy of RE5?  Do you have 5 bucks to waste?  Do you have bad taste?  Well race on over to XBOX Live or PSN and grab an update that could have been available from day one.  Just know that you could have had a Subway footlong.  Just sayin’.

Apparently our resident PNG cult hero Tim Schafer doesn’t care if you buy his game(s).  Much like I have in the past, Tim feels we focus too heavily on sales.  Well, while we will always respect the opinions of he who commands respect, let it be said and let it be written that we, Pixels and Grids Staff, overseers of all that is fair and just in the world, do indeed care that you help us keep this woefully underrated genius employed and afloat.  Tim, we love you.  I personally would love to raise your baby.  However, your assumption that “as long as you make a cool game, publishers want to talk to you” is as naive as it is false.  Publishers want money.  In related news, the sky is blue.  We will choose not to argue with our local demi-god of choice and instead try to become more solutions oriented.  Please join the staff of PNG as we kick off our year of the Schafer tribute.  Participate, or feel shame .

9 responses to “png daily 4/7/09: the new hotness

  1. So does this mean that this system will make the lack of good games for PSP better? A new system is fine, but the library still sucks, which makes it still useless. Unless you like the PSP.

    I game for change though, I haven’t totally written off the PSP yet.

  2. First of all, a new system’s games cannot suck before they physically exist. Second, do not forget that the PSP is more a multi-media machine than just straight game system so it can slide on not having the quantitative diversity of the DS.

    • I’m not against the new games, I’m just concerned with the ones on the system right now. I could pick easily 15 games on the system but they are all the ones that the cool kids don’t buy. I hate the cool kids.

      • You are such a counter culturist when it comes to video games. Just because you don’t like a game doesn’t mean it is not good.

        • Not necessarily. I am trying to be non-judgemental when it comes to games I just strive for companies to make quality and what pains me the most is when I see games like Loco-roco, Petapon, etc. which are wierd games not be some of the top seller cause they don’t fit the PSP demographic. I appreciate good games, and I respect people’s opinion. I just want to see people jump outside the box more often.

          Not that the PNG crew doesn’t do that its everyone else.

  3. I thought it was still even just a rumor that the PSP was getting a redesign? There’s a whole lot of poop floating at the top of the PSP redesign bowl, it’s hard to find what may actually be true. :/

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