PNG Daily 4/8/09: It’s Real, and It’s After Your Sanity

Jeff pretty much covered the major news of the day and I’m happy for it as playing 4 or 5 hours of playing the board game Arkam Horror and then getting 3 hours of sleep will turn a man’s brain to mush.  So much so, that I almost thought this post by Kotaku was a joke.  No my dear PNG’ers, this game is as real as a boat.  There is a can’t miss video for the game that you’ll find after the break or by going to the Kotaku post.

Days of Wonder Online has officially launched!  I can now be quiet about it until I give it a whirl.  Check out the details here.

I will now retire to regain my sanity and leave you with the promised 80’s Stalin Techno Dance Party after the break.


7 responses to “PNG Daily 4/8/09: It’s Real, and It’s After Your Sanity

  1. Where was this Arkam Horror party and why did I not get the call?

  2. That game doesn’t look very good. At all. I think if it weren’t for the absurd premise, this game wouldn’t be receiving the attention it is!

  3. Signed up for Days of Wonder account status. Have no idea what I’m doing but I am eager to try out anything on the site. So let me know when we can jam

  4. Wait what????? Tell me I did not just see a very young girl shaking her ass to techno? Then there is the fact that we are to “all hail” a guy who killed more people than Hitler! This is offensive on so many levels and that says alot coming from the most offensive guy I know… me.

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