PNG Daily 4/9/09: Mad Crazy Respect…

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

It is a sad day.  My “Internet Sifter” blew up today with same news spanning different video and tabletop gaming sites.  Mr. Dave Arneson, one of the fathers of the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons passed away Tuesday night.  As I said, pretty much every site I aggregate my news from had it but I’ll link you to Wizards press release here.  Rest in peace good sir, if it wasn’t for you and and the also deceased Gary Gygax, RPG games in every format wouldn’t quite be what they are today.

We press onward though with some other less sombre bits of daily news.

Kotaku is reporting that Cyanide Studios has opened up their beta application site for Blood Bowl here.  If you always wanted your football to literally be fantasy and then converted to a tactical tabletop game, this might just be for you!  It’s set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe which is an excellent point to transition into my next little interesting bit of news.

As it may be evident, I try to talk about Warhammer Online as much as I possibly can.  Today, it’s not about the game, but about Blue Oyster Cult.  You see, the lead singer Eric Bloom rolls as a level 40 sorcerer and is an avid fan of the game also.  Mythic couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him and guitarist Richie Castellano to assist in laying down a song about the dwarf slayer class.  I would venture to to say this is some decent WAAAGH metal even if it is about a filthy Order class.  You’ll find the resulting collaboration here.

Every once in a while I get something odd that pops up in my news.  One such thing has showed up in the Bioware blog.  The community manager over at Bioware, Jay Watamaniuk, is running a series that gives tips on how to run a horror game.  Before you go, know that he’s not talking about video games.  What it looks like he’s suggesting is honest to goodness Live Action Roleplaying (LARP’ing).  I’ve read it, and I have to say that his pointers are very solid and get me in the mood to give something like this a shot at Gencon.  He’s only got two parts up so far and you can read the first one here and the second part here.

I won’t be doing the hosting of the podcast tonight for reasons I’m sure they will let you know.  You’ll find that Jim Bradford, author and podcast editor, will take over the helm in my absence.

Outtie 5k.

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