PNG Daily 4/13/09: This is What You Should Have Done Konami

Where's my sequel?

Where's my sequel?

Ripped from the headlines of Giant Bomb, Konami is going to be releasing a dual stick top down zombie shooter over Xbox Live and Playstation Network called Zombie Apocalypse soon.  I am all for the destruction of the undead, but come on Konami!  Quit messing around and give us our sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors!  I need it and you have it so you better give it.

The event schedule for Gencon 2009 has been released.  The PNG crew that will be attending should be picking out our events this weekend.  Registration opens up for True Dungeon events at 12pm eastern and all other events at 3pm eastern this Sunday.  You should find the file at the top of the list after clicking the link.

Dawn of War II got patched yesterday.  Among the fixes listed is one that finally will allow you to get the achievement for beating the game.  They also fixed a myraid of bugs, did some balance tweaks, and pitched in a free multiplayer map for up to 6 players.

Are you a Seattle resident that enjoys baseball and owns a DS?  If you are, you’ve probably been enjoying Safeco Field’s Nintendo Fan Network already, but get ready for some pretty crazy new features next time you go to the park.  According to 1up, fans with DS’ can now order food, get news, read ESPN columns, and get closed captioned PA announcements all from the comfort of your seat. 

Outtie 5k.

Update:  Josh has pointed out to me that Konami was kind enough to already make a sequel to ZAMN called Ghoul Patrol back in 1994.  So how about a remake then?

3 responses to “PNG Daily 4/13/09: This is What You Should Have Done Konami

  1. Reporting live from Indianapolis I can tell you that the RCA dome is no more. They are using the space to increase the size of the convention center. No word if construction will be complete in time for gencon.

  2. I am actually pretty excited about Zombie Apocalypse!

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