Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Demo Video

Holy crap.

These clips are directly from the Japanese demo of Final Fantasy XIII. This blogger, personally, is loving the return to the high-tech, futuristic setting. The combat system is back to the traditional turn-based setup, but seems to have a little more of a cinematic flow to it. The second half is after the break.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

Well PNG Defense Force? What’s the word? Will you be picking this beast of a game up when it drops next year? Or are JRPG’s too tired, in general?


7 responses to “Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Demo Video

  1. Not sure how I feel about guns being such an apparently big part in this game but I’m sure Square will implement them well. Beautiful video, can’t wait.

  2. Jessica Abramovich

    I will be picking this game up for sure, not only because its a final fantasy game, but because it looks like the type of jrpg that isn’t a cookie cutter type. Eternal Sonata and Xenosaga were so good because they were jrpgs that had a battle system that was in depth and overall entertaining. This game, from what i can tell by the video, seems to have battle system complexity from the start. Its not just attack and magic like Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon was soo boring to me because it was like every other rpg, but more lame. Jrps need more complexity to hold my interest, which i think this game will do.

    • I picked up Blue Dragon to play through with my daughter as a beginner’s RPG. It is the most horrendously mediocre game I’ve ever played!

    • Never tried Blue Dragon but did play Lost Odyssey. It was fun for a couple of hours til I realized the game was ludicrously easy and I would have to sit through 4 discs of mediocre JRPG where the only decent story being told was in unlockable text. Ick.

    • You just got done telling me this footage was made up. 😛

      • Jessica Abramovich

        Well i decided you didn’t lie on this one. 😉 But yeah, Blue Dragon added nothing new or interesting to the genre, had boring characters, and a story no one gave a crap about. Lost Odyssey was bearable because i liked the story and characters and wasn’t too too boring. Everyone needs to play Eternal Sonata! Best rpg on the system.

  3. There was a time when it felt like every RPG that came out was amazing and worth your money. I haven’t felt that way in a long time with the appearance of the JRPG’s that have flooded this market. I used to be all over every RPG that came out and I just don’t have the time nor the interest anymore to play them.

    However when it comes to a true Final Fantasy, or even some of the spin-off’s, I pretty much buy them all and haven’t bee disappointed much. So I think the answer is YES I will be getting this game even if I know a ton, or little to nothing about it.

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