Updated Contest – Win a free copy of Fallout 3 for PC!

This is what will happen to your head if you win.  In a good way.

Because  I don’t want this contest going on forever, and given all of your terrible guesses, it will. I’ve now modified how the contest will work.

You see that logo at the top of the page? I’ve slapped a copy of it below the break for you to nab.  Anyway,  your goal is to photoshop the image or present our logo to the public in a creative way.  Go serious. Go funny. Go to hell. I don’t care what you do, as long as you make me smirk at your antics.

Entries may either be posted in reply to this post or emailed directly to me.   Again, the one entry a day limit applies and there’s a deadline this time: May 2nd, 12:01am est.

Ideas include:

  • Tattooing it onto your body
  • Burn our logo into your neighbor’s grass
  • A mural in the middle of your city’s subway
  • Tattooing onto your neighbor
  • Photoshopping a wang on our logo

[Update:  Apparently Josh didn’t know that WordPress doesn’t allow you to put images in your comments.  E-mail your submission to him at Josh.Sabol@pixelsandgrids.com.  We’ll be sure to post the winning entry along with some of the more funny ones in an entry on May 4th.  (James Jones)]


By the way, the keyword was ‘dibs’ you idiots.

2 responses to “Updated Contest – Win a free copy of Fallout 3 for PC!

  1. what about tattooing it on a wang?

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