PNG Daily 4/27/09: Two Tickets To The Gun Show

The Gaming Industry Has Lost It's G*d Damned Mind

Remember when Mr. 50 Cent went looking for his diamond encrusted skull and we were stoked?  How about when publisher Mezmer released a slew of videos for the game Stalin vs. Martians and we simply shook our heads in amazement.  Now comes news that Mr. T is getting his own game where he fights Nazi’s and their machines with famed video game developer Will Wright (via Shacknews)?  Seriously, I can’t wrap my head around this!

There is some good news today of a publisher doing the right thing and putting a bad idea on ice.  Konami has announced that it will no longer be publishing Six Days in Fallujah (via Giant Bomb).  The game is based on real events that happened in the still ongoing Iraq War back in 2004.  When it was announced, there was a lot of “too soon” comments floating around the webs and it appears they have swayed Konami to back off.  We’ll just have to see if any other publisher might want to pick this bad boy up.

7 responses to “PNG Daily 4/27/09: Two Tickets To The Gun Show

  1. i fail to see how caving to the ignorant was a bad idea.

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