png daily 4/29/09: PSP GO! (away)

please just die already


Remember that one time when the PSP was new and shiny?  When you first laid your eyes on the gorgeous, hi-res finger print magnet display?  When your dreams were filled with the endless possibilities of  entertainment that might come forth from such a machine, like water from a faucet?  Remember when all those hopes shattered into a thousand pieces?  Because I do.  I remember all of it.  I also remember the P-2000 and the recent P-3000; more iterations of the same broken dream.  /emo.   Rumors have been popping up about a new PSP bastardization for a few weeks now.  Looks like there is some weight behind these rumors, according to  What does a new PSP mean for you?  Probably nothing, but here’s what we’re looking at (BTW, speaking of looking at, the pic above is not the actual new PSP, but an artist’s shoop of a PSP and a Sony Mylo 2, a device that is suspected to play a role in the new system’s design):

  • Likely to be dubbed the PSP GO!
  • Larger screen (I actually don’t think they said this, but come one, when don’t they make those things bigger?)
  • Internal flash drive (8 or 16 GB)
  • No UMD slot
  • 100+ downloadable titles at launch (including Gran Turismo Mobile, which gets high marks on my “who cares” scale)
  • No supposed 2nd analog (Pro: This will obviously not require new input programming, i.e. your old games are still good, provided you can play them. Con: GTFO FPS hopes)
  • Some form of slide, flip, etc. screen motion
  • Coming this Fall

I’m really trying to get excited for this… ok, that’s a lie.  I’m really trying to not sound like I could absolutely care less… close enough.  I don’t know, maybe someone out there has yet to feel the painful sting of Sony’s hand-held, in which case, what better time to do just that.

Don’t worry, all the bad news isn’t centered on the PSP, some of it is about the Wii as well.  In case your week wasn’t sucking already, Ubisoft decided to make sure and announced that it was officially making Red Steel 2.  Oh joy!  Hey hey now, stop shaking your heads.  It’s gonna be good this time: they have Wii MotionPlus!  What could go wrong?  (For Jeff, they might have made up for this by announcing that Splinter Cell: Conviction will be hitting before Christmas)

I’ll leave you all with one last tidbit.  Capcom’s new Bionic Commando will drop in demo form today on Xbox Live (sorry PSNers).   The controls are supposed to be pretty interesting/difficult, which might be a nice challenge to the gamers who actually remember the original.  In case you forgot: demo = free = get it.


2 responses to “png daily 4/29/09: PSP GO! (away)

  1. no second stick? consider all previous enthusiasm revoked. As far as Splinter Cell goes… I couldn’t even IMAGINE.

  2. steve macktruckski

    if there’s no umd drive, what the fuck are people supposed to do with all of their old games? they’re too small to be coasters and too big to shove up your ass. they’re gonna have to hold onto their old psp to play them or pay to download games that they own already. that’s awesome. or is there no backwards compatibility at all? they’ve made a big problem even bigger.

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