3 really, really important things you need to know

Faithful PnG readers, I want to apologize that I haven’t been on the ball lately and haven’t posted anything in the last two weeks.  I feel bad, so this is me coming out in the open and admitting I let you down.  Ok, now with that out of the way, how about a Bionic Commando impression, some brand new details on Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and to top it off a Red Steel 2 Trailer, which makes it look…. well I’ll let you decide.  Check it all out after the break.

Bionic Hotdog Arm Action

So how about that Bionic Commando game?  Have you played it?  More importantly, did you like it?  I’ve been tied to the multiplayer demo now for about a week and I just can’t enough of this game.  I love the swing mechanics and once you get them down its like a symphony of controls and movement working together.  I really do love it, though I wish that the arm was a bit longer.  I’m still wondering why they chose multiplayer and not single player.  I think it would have been in Capcom’s best interest if they were to have gone that route.  There are a lot of people out there who don’t know what Bionic Commando even is, and when you put that up against games this year like Bioshock 2, Assassins Creed II, and Modern Warfare 2, your not going to get a lot of attention.  Not to mention that E3 is coming and means the possibility of at least 200-300 more dollars you’ll spend in games that you don’t even know are coming out yet.  We spent some time with it on the Podcast, so be sure to listen to it and let us know your thoughts, and if you planning on buying this game.

On another note, a gamers wet dream was announced not long ago in the form of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is coming for $15 (1,200 MS points) on June 29th 2009. Game features are as follows…

  • 3 on 3 tag-team matches and four button controls.
  • All 56 characters are accessible from the get go
  • Optional visual filter that smooths out the game’s graphics
  • New online modes, including Ranked Matches and the Quarter matches found in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which allows up to four people to watch and chat while two others fight
  • Wide screen support with the game play in a 4:3 field, but the viewing area expanded.

Many of us remember that game from the days, long ago, when the fabled “Arcade” existed in places called “Malls”  Though good luck finding this one, you may have had better luck on the Dreamcast, or those of you willing to shell out the almost $100 dollars for the PS2 version used.  I’ve played this one on Mame a few times and just loved it.  Along with other classics like X-men Children of the Atom, and X-men vs. Street Fighter.  These games, while all pretty much the same style of game, were classics amoung their peers, and still to this day live up to the reverence we give them.  Now instead of scowering Ebay to find one, you can now purchase it from the comfort of home on your Xbox 360 and PS3.  My opinion, PS3 will be the superior if your a D-Pad fighter, but if you don’t mind the analog sticks, your gonna be fine either way.  Absolutely looking forward to this game come end of  June.

Update – Ubisoft has pulled all copies of the video from the net until an official release is given by them, Originally it was put out most likely by hijackers and since been removed.

Ok so this picture will have to do until Ubisoft gets the stick out of their @$$ and allows people to watch the video that was leaked.

Ok so this picture will have to do until Ubisoft gets the stick out of their @$$ and allows people to watch the video that was leaked.

Lastly, Ubisoft just dropped a brand new trailer for their upcoming Red Steel 2 for the Wii.  Initial reaction is totally understandable, and justified.  But you need to take a look at the video, it just might make you excited for what could have been a instant classic but turned into a flaming ball of trash on launch day.  Here is what I have gathered from the Trailer.

First off it seems that to play this game, like every other Wii game, you need to live alone, in a luxurious loft apartment, in order to fully enjoy the game and your aurroundings.  Second the Game again looks to take place in a Tokyo themed city, but this time with a westernese twist.  You’ll notice right away with the music, which I think was done very well.  Third the trailer sets you up to where you think you aren’t even going to see real game play footage but then suddenly, it breaks right open in a fairly intense scene of guns and swords clashing while using the Wii remote w/ Motion Plus.  It shows the player moving it around fluidly and it acting accordingly on screen.  Blocks, parry’s and attacks are all present, and then with a quick draw of the gun, a few bullets in the face of your enemy sends him flying off the balcony to his doom.

They also decide to take a moment to boast about the fact that they were the #1 third party launch title sold on the Wii.  While that information is correct, how about this… It was the #1 most hated launch title, and quickest to be sold back and ruin Christmas for everyone that bought it.  Congratulations Ubisoft, you ruined Christmas for everyone with that game.  You owe us big time now!

All that said, I have a feeling that your going to be quite surprised by this video, though it may not be a Triple A title compared to games mentioned earlier in this article, this might be worth keeping on eye on.  I’ll fulfill that role for the site, being one of the few Wii owners around here, you’ll here it from Jeff or myself about this game.  Though my money is that Jeff won’t even bother.  I can’t blame him at all.

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