PNG Daily 5/7/2009: All Out of Bubblegum

I was going to hookers and blow, but this is a family site.

Right now, there is no bigger news on the whole internet than this.   3D Realms is no more.  While murmurings were rampant over the tubes yesterday night after I put up the daily, nothing seemed confirmed until this morning when BBC News put up the linked article.  It points out 3D Realms webmaster Joe Siegler confirmed the rumors via a forum post.  I am wracked with grief as this could possibly mean Duke Nukem Forever might not see the light of day after it’s 12 year development cycle.  However, there is a slight glimmer of hope that one can glean from the comments in the article by Take Two.   They made sure that it was known that they do and will continue to hold the publishing rights for Duke Nukem Forever.  Thanks to MikeB and his early morning post linking to the BBC article in a Gencon Forum post.

I’ll pull myself together from my uncontrollable sobbing for one moment to let you kow that the Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3 PC is back up in Windows Live Marketplace.  PC wastelanders can now enjoy the content that Xbox 360 owners have had for the past couple days.

One last thing!  We’re recording the weekly podcast tonight, and as always we want to hear from you.  Comment on this post or shoot an e-mail to and we can pretty much guarantee we’ll read what you have to say.

2 responses to “PNG Daily 5/7/2009: All Out of Bubblegum

  1. “Thanks to MikeB(1) and his early morning post(2) linking to the BBC article(3) in a Gencon Forum post(4).”

    Quad link, very impressive!

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