Wanna play with friends in the Bionic Commando Demo?

A broken demo, not so broken now

A broken demo, not so broken now

So fresh off the presses comes a work around to the restrictive match-making in the Bionic Commando Demo.  I mentioned that I was able to get this to happen on the podcast, but I have since not been able to figure out how I did it again.  Now you can try this the next time your playing if you wanna play with some friends.

This will help you play with friends, but the only thing you can change is Time Limit.

Step 1 Goto the main screen and press start, You will be brought to the “quit demo, options, xboxlive” options screen. STAY IN THIS SCREEN

Step 2 Get a friend to send you a game invite(any game will do).

Step 3 Accept the invite, then when it ask if you want to exit your current game hit no. You will now be brought to a screen where you can change to private match and invite friends.

DO NOT EDIT: Game Mode or Frag Limit It Will Crash the Demo


Thanks to Kotaku for posting the article and also to the forum users at Capcom Unity for the page displaying the above steps.  Now hopefully you can enjoy the game a bit more considering it gives you plenty of time to mess around in it.  Enjoy.

5 responses to “Wanna play with friends in the Bionic Commando Demo?

  1. That is just stupid. They need to fail less at making a compelling demo.

    • I agree. for me the demo is solid and I like it, but I knew right away that this demo was not going to impress people, it was going to piss them off.

    • I wouldn’t say that the demo wasn’t compelling, just that it was done absolutely wrong. They needed some sort of tutorial in the demo or some way to get used to the swinging component. This appears to be just a hack and not a bonafide fix.

  2. To answer your question posed in the article’s title: no

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