PNG Audiophile: Duke Nukem ForNEVER

This is the worst photoshop ever, even though it took 12 years to develop.

PNG Audiophile – Duke Nukem ForNEVER

It’s time to podcast and chew bubblegum – and we’re all out of gum!  Just like 3D Realms is all out of money!  We talk about that and a plethora of other topics including Battlefield Heroes, Free Realms, that hot new Jaguar game, You’re In The Movies, the TMNT: Turtles In Time remake, and Polyphony Digital’s unreasonable lobby fountain.  Grab the podcast directly at the link above, or subscribe to the ‘cast in iTunes or the Zune marketplace!

5 responses to “PNG Audiophile: Duke Nukem ForNEVER

  1. Here’s the link to the PDF of the Pathfinder game, if anyone’s interested:

    It’s the Beta version, and it’s zero dollars. If you like RPG’s, check it out! Paizo deserves some serious accolades for what they’ve put together here!

  2. Problem. I have ben listening to your pod cast on the computer but I dont always have time to park in front of a monitor and enjoy the P&G cast. I would like to be able to listen to it on my I pod. Well the link you have to itune dosen’t work and I can’t run quick time on the itouch eather so I can’t even strem it from this site. What can I do to get the pod cast on my iPod? Thanks, ~*Lisa*~

    • If you use iTunes to sync up with your iPod, all you have to do is find us in the iTunes store. From there, you can subscribe to the podcast and it will automatically search for new episodes every time you boot up iTunes.

      To do that you’ll want to click on the ‘iTunes Store’ tap on the left side of the iTunes window. From there, you’ll want to search for ‘Pixels and Grids’. You should be able to find it from there, though you may have to narrow down your search to just podcasts to find it. Once you’ve located us on the store, just click ‘Subscribe’ and it’ll automatically download the latest episode.

      Once you’ve done that, just sync your iPod up to your computer and it’ll add the Audiophile to the ‘Podcasts’ section.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for listening!

  3. Random reply 5 years later!

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