PNG Daily 5/14/2009: BFF (Battlefield Forever)

It's almost exactly kind of not how I remembered it.

It is such a slow news week and we here don’t really expect it to pick up much until around E3 at the beginning of June.  Despite this fact, the Daily’s must go on!  Today I link you to an article over at Giant Bomb that has some quotes from Lead Producer Patrick Liu of Battlefield 1943.  It has some quips about why there’s only 3 classes, 3 maps, and a 24 player limit.  I’ve always been somewhat of a fanboy of the Battlefield games and especially of their soundtrack.  I’m looking forward to when this drops on XBLA for 1200 points and PSN for $14.99 in June.  You’ll find a trailer for the Iwo Jima map over at Giant Bomb or after the jump in this article.

We’re doing our weekly podcast tonight so feel free to e-mail, leave comments, or hit up our twitter with anything you’d like us to talk about.  It was after all a slow news week so we can almost ensure we’ll talk about anything you’d like.

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