PNG Daily 5/20/2009: If You Play These Games, You Win

And then Predator was all like "Oh no you didn't Alien"... then he stabbed him.

For those of you whose only unfortunate run in with the Aliens VS Predator franchise has been the two sub par movies that have been released, you will soon have your chance to wash that filthy taste out of your mouth.  Sega released some screen shots, details, and a teaser trailer for the next installment of the Aliens VS Predator games.  Hopefully you can play through the entire process of becoming an adult Alien complete with a chest bursting sequence ala Aliens VS Predator 2!

If you were planning on picking up a copy of Terminator Salvation for PC, don’t.  If you’ve already picked one up and have found that it just won’t install, please take a good hard look at your purchasing decisions and then return it as publisher Evolved Games has issued a recall of Terminator Salvation for PC only.  The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are not affected by the defect that occurred during replication.

Not a whole lot of news today so you get a short and sweet Daily.  We would like to apologize for those that were looking forward to our special “Year of the Schafer” podcast for Monkey Island, but we had to cancel it for now.  Expect it to be done with Monkey Island II’s podcast to be dubbed our official Pirate Cast.


2 responses to “PNG Daily 5/20/2009: If You Play These Games, You Win

  1. AVP is going to be so dope.

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