png daily 5/21/09:it’s news to me

Capcom actually has a higher body count

As I will inevitably be handling some of the daily posts in the future, it might be helpful to establish some definitions.  Actually, only one defintion really needs to be defined: news.   I believe that “news” is not what is current/interesting, but what I find entertaining.  Bearing that in mind, shall we continue?

Capcom isn’t coming to E3.

capcomh1n1What?  Why is one of the largest Japanese game developers missing one of the largest events in the industry?  What could be so big to cause their absence?  Massive spending cuts?  Company-wide restructuring?  Ongoing effects of the global economic collapse?  No.  Its because of Swine Flu.  That’s right, the H1N1 influenza virus.  Really?  REALLY?  Would someone please help me grasp how a virus with a US death toll in the single digits is stopping people from doing their jobs.  Does Capcom ever leave the office?  Perhaps its their mysophobic mentality that has prompted them to release so many “Biohazard” games.  Hey, I might be on to something here.  Maybe there’s a reason why Capcom focuses on viruses and outbreaks.  Maybe they know something we don’t. Speaking of outbreaks, this means that you can kiss your new look at Dead Rising 2 goodbye.  Maybe we’ll see you at the Tokyo Game Show Capcom, if there isn’t another SARS outbreak that is (and yes, I know that was China).

Hey Wiions, here’s something new for you to waste spend your money on!

good luck plugging it inHave you been staring at your N64 trident controller, longing for the caress of its central joystick?  Have you been secretly dreaming of the sensuously rounded SNES pad?  Do you wish that you could use your original NES controller to get a little more “old school” on your VC copy of Wario’s Woods?  Well, the people at Komodo want all of your (nintendo controller related) dreams to come true.  Now, you’re able to use your previous generation nintendo controllers to play your Wii Virtual Console games.  This isn’t really “news”, nor do I care about it, but I felt that this picture needed to be made.  Who knows, maybe the next peripheral will be something that actually makes the Wii a worthwhile game console.

Thursday Facepalm.

srsly wtfSo it appears that there is a problem.  A game called RapeLay (no, it’s pretty much just like what it sounds like),  stirred up the proverbial pot when it came out 3 years ago among some critics and various members of government(s).   This game puts you in the shoes of protagonist(???!) Kimura Masaya who sets off to stalk and rape a family of a mother and her two daughters.  What?  Seriously?  I should also mention that this game was legally released in Japan.  Now, this game is not new (2006) but what is new is the talks about the Japanese government claiming that these games are negatively affecting its population and increasing the sex crime rate.  The audacity!  Well that seems to be the thought of some websites, who argue that Japan has a very low level of sex crimes.  Which brings me to the aforementioned problem.  WTF is wrong with people?  A.)  Who makes a game about raping people?  B.)  Who buys it?  C.)  Who gets all defensive when other people question the surrounding morals and their effects?  “But you shoot people in your Call of Duty games!”, they exclaim.  “Surely murder is worse than rape.”  Do you know what I say?  GTFO!  Seriously.  Go away.  Ugh.  ::face palm::

I’m done.

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