PNG Audiophile – Electronic Entertainment (Everclear) Expo Extravaganza a bad decision!

PNG Audiophile – Electronic Entertainment (Everclear) Expo Extravaganza

Happy Friday, PNG fans!  Well, E3 was this week and you know what that means?  It’s a very special episode of the Pixels and Grids Audiophile!  On this week’s unreasonably-too-long podcast, we decided to really celebrate in style with contraband alcohol.  In hind sight, this was either the best or worst decision we’ve ever made.

In the episode we talk about all of the E3 news that dropped this week from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and many third party developers.  There’s Disney songs, the clinking of shot glasses, and a podcast first – one person (who shall remain nameless) has to leave to go worship the gods at the porcelain altar!  All that and more awaits you at the link above, or on iTunes or the Zune Marketplace!  Enjoy!  I know we did (kind of).

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