I’m Apparently a Couple Weeks Late to This Party…

So the name of the picture file is WARCoW.PNG... can you Imagine: War Cowz?

After all of my griping about lack of board game news, I realize that I let this announcement from Fantasy Flight slip by me back on May 27th.  Apparently they announced a Warhammer Fantasy board game Called Chaos in the Old World for this fall.  I’ve become quite a fanboy of the Warhammer Universe as of late with the release of Warhammer Online and Dawn of War II so I will gobble up as much news as I possibly can.  You can find their first preview of Chaos in the Old World here.  It’s all about the Chaos army kids! 

Also, If there are any Warhammer Online players reading this, be aware that if you nab a first run copy of this game it will net you two dope in game items.  Take a look at the announcement link above for more details.


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