PNG Audiophile – It’s Like Mario 2

Don't Hate These Players, Hate The Game.

PNG Audiophile – It’s Like Mario 2

Happy Friday, PNG Fans!  On this week’s shocking rendition of the PNG Audiophile, we discuss the latest games that are rocking the entertainment industry.  We rap about [PROTOTYPE], Mario 2, Left 4 Dead, Mario 2, 1 vs. 100, Mario 2, Pocket Hockey, Mario 2, Assassin’s Creed, Mario 2, Dust, Mario 2, Citadel, Mario 2, and Grass.  We also get into an in-depth discuss about Mario 2.

Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back next week with the PNG Bro-down!

3 responses to “PNG Audiophile – It’s Like Mario 2

  1. Ooh… Amateur Hour Audio Editing, starring Jim Bradford, at the break! Heh.

  2. Jim, I just want to confess my love for your hilarious recaps each week. I can’t honestly say that you’ve never hit the mark with your summary and tags, absolutely brilliant.

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